Single-Source Solution for Single-tenant and
Anchored Multi-tenant Projects

7R and InSite Real Estate have combined their extensive development experience and industry-leading resources to create 7R InSite, a single-source solution for the delivery of build-to-suit facilities for logistics and industrial occupiers across Poland.

7R SA is a real estate development company specializing in the delivery of modern, high-quality logistics and warehousing facilities.


With headquarters in Krakow and offices in Warsaw, and Gdansk, 7R’s team of 50+ development professionals are uniquely positioned to effectively execute project delivery for clients across Poland.


Since its inception in 2008, 7R has delivered 400 000 square meters in key locations across Poland, with another 600 000 square meters under development.

InSite Real Estate, LLC, is a developer, owner, and operator of commercial property with offices in Chicago and London.


InSite specializes in the execution of multi-unit build-to-suit programs for industrial and logistics tenants, with an extensive track record across warehouse, distribution, assembly, manufacturing and freezer/cooler facilities.


To date, InSite has completed over 500 projects totaling over 2 million square meters for more than 50 clients.


7R and InSite's unique combination of local development expertise and resources, international reach, and financial capabilities ensure an efficient, transparent, and reactive project process to meet each client’s business plan.

Experienced, Multi-Skilled Workforce

7R InSite’s combined team of 130+ industry professionals perform all key development project functions in-house: site search and acquisition, design, leasing, project and construction management, legal, finance, and property management. The platform draws on a combined 40 years of development experience and 500+ projects to solve problems and guarantee project success.


7R InSite's build-to-suit platform provides operational and economic benefits that increase our clients’ bottom line:

Optimal Property in Target Market

7R InSite’s site search team identifies and evaluates all on-market and off market sites to identify the property that best meets the client’s needs in each target market.

Lower Project Cost

7R InSite’s in-house production team uses aggressive project and construction management processes to execute each project in line with client specification at the lowest project cost.

Lower Project Rent

the full disclosure of project cost line items combined with 7R InSite’s proactive cost management practices enables clients to achieve the lowest project rent.

Transaction Certainty

a privately owned venture, 7R InSite self-funds all project capital and does not require third-party equity or approvals; clients deal directly with decision-makers, resulting in transaction speed, certainty, and flexibility.

“Clean Hands” of Project Counterparties

clear documentation of each line item of project cost
and compensation paid to project counterparties.

Maximum Client Real Estate Workforce Efficiency

the efficiency of the client’s real estate workforce is put best use, which leads to reducing cost per project.


28 IX 2018

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